Dr. John Koprowski heads to South Africa to initiate pilot study on small mammal seed dispersal

KCRL leader Dr. John Koprowski has arrived in South Africa to begin a pilot study assessing the potential impacts of local small mammals as seed dispersers within African savanna ecosystems.  John joins Dr. Mike Stokes from Western Kentucky University at the Balule Game Reserve, bordering Kruger National Park to begin this exciting new collaborative project.  Their preliminary research will focus on small mammal trapping coupled with analyses of seed fate and seedling herbivory.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Melissa Merrick wins prestigious fellowship from the American Society of Mammalogists

Congratulations to Melissa Merrick, PhD candidate in the KCRL, who received the prestigious ASM Fellowship at the American Society of Mammalogists’ 2014 Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City.  The ASM Fellowship is the highest award made to a graduate student member of the ASM. The fellowship is intended to recognize current accomplishments in mammalogy, service to the ASM, and the potential for a productive future role in mammalogy.  The award includes a $7500 cash award and $200o in scientific books.  To learn more about Melissa’s doctoral work on the natal dispersal and settlement decisions of young red squirrels visit:





Hsiang Ling Chen and Melissa Merrick represent the KCRL with excellent talks at ASM 2014

PhD candidates Hsiang Ling Chen and Melissa Merrick presented excellent talks on Monday 9 June at the 2014 meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists in Oklahoma City.  Hsiang Ling highlight the negative impact of open roadways that decrease connectivity of forests in a talk entitled “Barrier Effects of Roads for an Endangered Forest Obligate: Gap, Edge, and Traffic Avoidance” whereas Melissa examined the virtually unknown world of juvenile dispersal in her presentation “Factors Influencing Expanded Sex-biased Natal Dispersal in an Isolated, Peripheral Mammal.”  Both talks were excellent and represented their work and the KCRL extraordinarily well!  Congratulations Hsiang Ling and Melissa.



Sarah Hale and Allyssa Kilanowski display stellar posters at American Society of Mammalogist meeting

At the 2014 annual meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists, MS student Allyssa Kilanowski presented her poster entitled ” Do Behavioral Phenotypes Affect the Exploration Stage of Juvenile Dispersal in a Fossorial Rodent (Tamias dorsalis)?” and PhD student Sarah Hale displayed her poster “Re-establishment of a Potential Keystone Species: Initial Impacts of Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs on Woody Species and Small Mammal Species Assemblages” on the first day of scientific action for KCRL members in Oklahoma City.  We hear that the posters were well received but couldn’t get close enough to confirm as too many people were standing in line to talk with Allyssa and Sarah.  Great job representing the lab!ASM OKC

KCRL PhD student Melissa Merrick elected to ASM Board of Directors

asmpronghornMelissa Merrick, a PhD student in the KCRL, was elected by her peers to be the student representative on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Mammalogists at the 2014 annual conference in Oklahoma City.  She will serve a 3 year term and joins John Koprowski  on the 18 person board that makes decisions on the future direction, budgets and student programs for the ASM, an organization of about 2200 professional mammalogists started in 1919.  Congratulations Melissa!

6 KCRL members prep for American Society of Mammalogists meeting

The American Society of Mammalogists meets in Oklahoma City from 6-11 June 2014 and members of the KCRL will be presenting 7 different presentations in oral and poster paper sessions and workshops.  Getting conservation research done!  Looking forward to presentations by Hsiang Ling Chen, Jonathan Derbridge, Sarah Hale, Allyssa Kilanowski, John Koprowski, and Melissa Merrick     @Squirreldoc