KCRL members featured in The Wildlife Society IWMWG Newsletter

KCRL members share experiences from the 5th International Wildlife Management Congress in Sapporo, Japan in the latest issue of Passport – the newsletter for The Wildlife Society’s International Wildlife Management Working Group. The TWS International Wildlife Management Working Group sponsored one of our student-led symposia and helped to fund travel to the Congress. Thank you TWS IWMWG!

Check out the newsletter:


Jonathan Derbridge and Tatsuki Shimamoto

Jonathan Derbridge and Tatsuki Shimamoto in Japan following the International Wildlife Management Congress

New research on Neotropical pygmy squirrels’ use of seasonally flooded forests in the Peruvian Amazon

KCRL alum Rosa Palmer’s has just published another part of her Master’s Thesis research on Neotropical tree squirrels in the Peruvian Amazon.  In this paper, she presents the first estimates of Neotropical pygmy squirrel (Sciurillus pusillus) population density and documents characteristics of the forest that influence habitat selection at 3 different scales (landscape, forest, and focal tree) in addition to activity patterns and behavior in this secretive and data deficient species.

Congrats Rosa!

Read all about it here!


The KCRL moves to ENR2 building

The KCRL now calls the University of Arizona’s newest building, Environment and Natural Resources 2, our home.  We are thrilled to be housed in this unique, ecologically conscious LEED certified building, the design of which is inspired by a slot canyon, with a cool, inviting interior, pictured below.  Our updated contact information can be found on the KCRL website.




Read and watch more about our new home:

Animated renderings from slot canyon to ENR2: http://www.pdc.arizona.edu/enr2/

Story in the UA news: http://uanews.org/story/eco-friendly-building-under-construction-at-ua-designed-to-foster-collaboration-sustainability

All about the building and construction: http://www.pdc.arizona.edu/project/03-8526

Allyssa Kilanowski successfully defends her MS thesis!

Congratulations to Allyssa Kilanowski who successfully defended her MS thesis entitled “Individual behavioral phenotypes of the cliff chipmunk (Tamas dorsalis): effects of female reproductive success and juvenile habitat selection” on Friday, 7 August 2015.  Allyssa now moves to the University of Kentucky where she will begin a Ph.D. program this fall.  Congratulations Allyssa!

Learn more about Allyssa’s work at: http://cals.arizona.edu/research/redsquirrel/students/akilanowski.html


John Koprowski at Kyoto University as a visiting scholar…

Professor Koprowski is spending 3 months from June – September 2015 as a visiting scholar at Kyoto University.  Kyoto University is the 2nd ranked university in Japan and the 17th ranked university in the Fushimi-Inari 091Kyoto Univ Campus 012world with strong programs in the life sciences and conservation.  John is stationed at the Kyoto University Museum while seeking to expand collaborations in Japan and working to complete a number of publications at the end of his sabbatical.

Shari Ketcham successfully defends her MS thesis, congratulations!

Ketcham1_webKCRL MS student, Shari Ketcham, successfully defended her MS thesis on 5 August 2015!  Her thesis entitled “Influence of fire and introduced Abert’s squirrels on Arizona gray squirrels” was conducted in the Santa Catalina Mountains just outside of Tucson, Arizona and highlights how fire may swing the balance in favor of non-native Abert’s squirrels at the expense of native Arizona gray squirrels.  Congrats Shari!

9 presentations, 2 symposia provided by KCRL in Sapporo at IWMC 5

The 5th International Wildlife Management Congress was held 25-30 July 2015 in Sapporo, Japan.  KCRL grad students, recent alums and John presented 9 papers and organized 2 symposia.  MS students Maria Altemus and Allyssa Kilanowski presented their MS thesis research, PhD students Melissa Merrick, Jonathan Derbridge and Sarah Hale reviewed their dissertation research and recent graduate Hsiang Ling discussed her field work and graduate experience.  John Koprowski also provided 2 presentations.  In addition, Hsiang Ling Chen, Melissa Merrick and Jonathan Derbridge organized a symposium on international research opportunities for graduate students and Hsiang Ling Chen co-organized a session on road ecology.  Whew…I am exhausted just listing all of the ways that KCRL was involved on Hokkaido…great job!  Mascot at IWMC5