Hsiang Ling Chen wins the AZTWS Roger Hungerford Award!

KCRL Doctoral Candidate Hsiang Ling Chen was presented with the Roger Hungerford Award at the 2015 Joint Annual Meeting of the Arizona and New Mexico Chapters of The Wildlife Society and the American Fisheries Society.  The Roger Hungerford Award is given to a student who, while attending an Arizona college or university, made significant contributions to the management and conservation of Arizona’s wildlife and/or habitat. Contributions are in the areas of wildlife research, education and training, management, conservation, or law enforcement. The Award is given in memory of one of Arizona’s finest research biologists, Roger Hungerford.  Way to go Hsiang Ling!

Dr. K and Hsiang Ling celebrating with the major award!

Dr. K and Hsiang Ling celebrating with the major award!

KCRL Welcomes new Master’s student Max Mazzella

The KCRL is happy to announce that Max Mazzella has joined the KCRL!  As a master’s student, Max will be investigating M2E1L0-4R350B300habitat selection of the San Bernardino flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus californicus) in the San Bernardino Mountains, California.  Max will continue with field work he began this fall using hair tubes and remote cameras to assess habitat use of flying in areas affected by the Grass Valley fire in 2007.   Welcome Max!!

Read more about Max’s project here:


Another Mammalian Species Account from KCRL

Take a look at another new Mammalian Species account from KCRL graduate students Shari Ketcham and Melissa Merrick describing our current scientific knowledge of the Bolivian Squirrel, Sciurus ignitus.

Get it here:


Sciurus ignitus at the Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge in Manu, Peru.  Taken by Fabrice Schmitt.

Sciurus ignitus at the Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge in Manu, Peru. Photo by Fabrice Schmitt.

Two new Mammalian Species accounts from KCRL

Check out two new Mammalian Species accounts from KCRL alums Nicolás Ramos-Lara, Emily Scobie, and Rosa Palmer describing current scientific knowledge of the European ground squirrel, Sciurus citellus , and the Junín red squirrel, Sciurus pyrrhinus.

Get them here:

Ramos-Lara, N., J. L. Koprowski, B. Kryštufek, and I. E. Hoffman. 2014. Spermophilus citellus (Rodentia: Sciuridae). Mammalian Species 46:71-87.

Scobie, E. H., R. R. Palmer, and J. L. Koprowski. 2014. Sciurus pyrrhinus (Rodentia: Sciuridae). Mammalian Species 46:88-92.


John Koprowski presents at the Chinese Academy of Sciences during visit to China

Professor Koprowski has returned from 5 weeks in northwest China at Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University working with research collaborators and presenting on the importance of biodiversity and conservation.  He spent 1-3 December in Beijing at the Institute of Zoology on the Chinese Academy of Sciences campus where he presented a talk entitled “Conservation in the face of global change: lessons from the endangered Mt. Graham red squirrel” and discussed future research collaboration.  We remain hopeful of expanding research collaboration and graduate student exchange between China and our lab.

CAS Institute of Zoology

CAS Institute of Zoology

Woman and the Moon sculpture on CAS campus

Woman and the Moon sculpture on CAS campus

John at 2008 Olympics' The Water Cube adjacent to the CAS campus

John at 2008 Olympics’ The Water Cube adjacent to the CAS campus

KCRL Graduate Students excel at the Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society

Congratulations on the fine efforts of KCRL doctoral students Hsiang Ling Chen (road impacts on red squirrels), Jonathan Derbridge (stable isotope use in assessing diets of wolves), and Melissa Merrick (natal dispersal determinants in endangered red squirrels) in presenting their research at the annual conference of The Wildlife Society held 25-29 October 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Posters were also presented by MS students, Maria Altemus (home range ecology of antelope jackrabbits) and Allyssa Kilanowski (juvenile dispersal in chipmunks), to showcase the efforts of these lab group members.  Excellent attendance at the downtown riverside convention center and fall colors on the surrounding hills combined with great presentations for a wonderful conference.  Great job!